Hydro Program Insulation Winnipeg

We partner with Manitoba hydro to support diverse energy needs and ensure you have safe, reliable supplies of electricity and natural gas

Our commercial and industrial Power Smart programs have helped our customers' facilities become some of the most efficient in North America. Building owners and managers know that high-performing buildings can attract new customers, build business, and save on operating costs.

Since Power Smart was introduced, customers have saved a total of $150 million on their energy bills. This Demand Side Management initiative not only saves money, it also allows to export renewable energy to other provinces and states that rely on fossil fuels. We help our customers save on bills, help meet the future energy needs of Manitobans, build Manitoba’s green economy, and help the environment.

We will apply for your pre-approval thru Manitoba Hydro for a Power Smart Rebate or loan for insulation, windows, doors.

Call 204-955-2235 or email us at info@cozyhomeatticinsulators.ca